Any effort to change behavior through training should have an assessment in the design. VGI is pleased to have a nationwide network in place to carry out skills testing. In basic testing and certification, VGI has achieved an enviable record of consistent performance.
Standards must be achieved with very careful thought and cooperation with our clients and industry representatives. VGI is pleased to have helped set the standards in one of America's largest industries - the heating and air conditioning industry. VGI standards such as these have passed the most rigorous of scrutiny.
The development of questions that accurately measure performance to standards is a very precise science and should not be taken lightly. As we see our world move more and more to performance assessment, we feel a special commitment to ease our client's use of this important tool.
VGI is presently capable of administering tests either in support of client's own efforts or on a completely turnkey basis. Our methods provide results that meet all standards of fairness and legality. Candidates feel a sense of accomplishment and our clients come to a better understanding of their return from educational investments.

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