VGI supports development in many industrial subjects, including technical as well as sales and customer relations. Our fundamental background is based on many years of experience in these fields BUT we know that no two clients are ever the same. Our goal is to help each of our clients isolate and target training requirements and the selection of educational tools to achieve skills building.
Training is best done with a combination of many delivery methods. The selection and design of those methods must be done with great care. Since we are also the producer of the methods used, efficiencies are gained, costs are controlled and precise targeting of effort is made easy.
The result of using any plan is only as good as the implementation of that plan. At VGI we are proud of our long history of providing designs that are well received by audiences and give our clients the results they seek.
From the production of finished video support programs to the printing of manuals and measurement tools, VGI is there to make the training effort as efficient as possible for our clients.

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