VGI believes the establishing of a vehicle to deliver a message is one of the most important parts of the decision making process. Our specialty is industrial programming and we have the background to justify work in this unique arena. Your project starts on a sound footing saving you time and money in later stages.

At VGI we believe strongly that communication through illustration is vital to produce video programming that works for the client. We write very tightly to match the message.. and then we illustrate tightly to convey ideas. All graphics work at VGI is done (in-house). Candidates learn quickly and retain what they have learned.

By far, the majority of projects at VGI are scripted by our in house writers. Specializing in sales and technical work, our clients have found it very easy to go from problem to video based solution with minimum investment of time and money.

All components come together at the VGI studio and edit suite to ensure program success. Soundproofed and air conditioned throughout, our facility can handle subjects as small as a computer chip or as large as a home interior or exterior.